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Building strong relationships with our children, families and the Maryborough community

We strongly believe the parents who chose to send their child to EC Junior Education Maryborough will have the same core values that we have as a family and as our team of teaching staff.

Our play based learning programs will respond to students who have questions or interests in particular areas, as this type of program will prepare your child for primary school.

All students under the age of 6 have an online personal development book which is a collection of your child's work during care, this will also document your child/rens improvement in social and emotional, physical development, numeracy and literacy, creative arts, science and technology and the world around them etc. These books are fantastic to use to show at your prep interview. Or just as show and tell to the grandparents and friends!

Your child is an individual and will be respected at all times in our care as a very important person in our centre and not just a number. We aim to have families who have been with us on opening to moving on to school and these families and our new families soon become an important part of our life.

Early Learning

All our classrooms offer the following learning outcomes during the delivery of our curriculum, all teaching staff use this as a building block for each transition from one classroom to another:

  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Physical Development and Health
  • Numeracy and Literacy
  • Creative Arts, Music and Language
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies and the World Around Them


By serving nutritious meals and snacks we are helping to form the future nutritional behavior of your child, including their enjoyment of healthy food types and learned portion control.

We also make some meal times interactive by providing lunches that your kids can help prepare. This teaches children that making and eating healthy food is fun. Experiential learning is always a powerful educational tool and this 'hands on' approach helps shape the way your child thinks about food.

As more and more parents jump on board with our food revolution, Little Tummy Tucker is leading the way in healthy Childcare food provision. Parents have become proactive in demanding the best Childcare food on offer and have begun to put pressure on their Childcare Centre to adopt Little Tummy Tucker.

Convenience.... Take the Stress our of Busy Mornings

We supply morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This means busy parents, who don't need the extra stress of preparing food each morning, can have peace of mind knowing their kids are being supplied with the best possible quality food that 100% meets their dietary needs. No need to scramble to the shops early in the morning to grab products to fill up lunchboxes. Little Tummy Tucker is a set and forget solution. And we send home regular newsletters and provide display menus so you will always know what your children are eating.

What if my child has Allergies?

With the increase in allergies we understand it is important (and sometimes life-saving) to provide safe food alternatives.

We supply meals for special dietary needs, including wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, lactose free, pork free, vegetarian and halal.

Food for allergy sufferers is supplied in separate well-labelled packaging to avoid any cross contamination.

Food made and packaged for special dietary needs is charged at the same rate as all our standard meals because we don't believe parents should be penalised for having a child that suffers with allergies.

We understand that there is a lot of stress around special requirements which is why we pay extra attention to separate packaging (that can never cross-contaminate) as well as very precise labelling.


Fortnightly we join together to celebrate the achievements within the student community. We invite our parent community and others who wish to join us in our fortnightly assemblies as we hand out awards, sing happy birthday and give updates on centre events.

Each fortnight our tenanted teaching staff and their classroom will lead the assemblies, providing an insight of their classroom and the student community. Assemblies are a wonderful way for our parent community, current or future to hear about the student's achievements and take time to catch-up with a member of our teaching staff in a casual environment.

Excursions and outings in our community

Our program has a strong foundation and links to our local community, students attend regular outings to our local library to assist with their early learning and preparation for school. They visit the nursery, park and community garden to learn about caring for the students' garden and sustainable practices. Post office, shops, emergency services, teach students about our local hero's. Leisure centre activities, indoor playground and mini golf, surrounding areas including Hervey Bay and community. For vacation, picnics with fish and chips cooked locally. Students will be taken to art galleries or other special events or awards to ensure your child gets to know their community.


During the day Teachers within your child's classroom, will document your child's group learning and play on our centre Facebook page. This is an excellent way to share these details with family and friends, or "check in" during your day. Documented learning are all linked to the learning outcomes of the EYLF (Early Year Learning Framework) to help us both achieve the best for your child, when they learn, laugh and have fun with us!

Printed Newsletters

Our monthly newsletters provide our family community information regarding the centre and student achievements including:-

  • Message from the Director
  • Classroom  overview                                             
  • Quality areas focus for the month
  • Award winner
  • Birthdays and new enrolment                                               
  • Safety ranger and
  • Recycling projects
  • Parent feedback                                                                             
  • Employee of the month       
  • Community support promoting local business, event or sponsorships

If you would like more information on our daycare service, contact us or download our enrolment form.


Kerensa J

LOVE LOVE LOVE this daycare!  Such a wonderful and interesting environment has been created for the children.  The centre itself and is well equipped and maintained and the staff/educators are so friendly and supportive. Our daughter is thriving in their care.

The Director is very approachable and managing the centre incredibly well.

I would not hesitate in recommending EC Junior Education as the place for your child, Kerensa J


Awesome, - I highly recommend this day-care the staff r professional and always up for a chat and to let u know what the kids have gotten up to for the first time in 3 years my daughter absolutely loves going she walks in an goes off to play or sit on the carpet if they r inside she comes home very happy and not cranky my son who does not attend had an accident as my daughter went to close the gate and he walked into it and they were quick to come and help and make sure he was ok and gave him an ice pack. Jodie.

Don D

My daughter absolutely loves Ec Junior she has made some great friendships and is always excited to go and see what adventures Miss Noby and Miss Lyn have planned for their day thank you to all the staff it's a pleasure to walk into so many smiling faces each time we are in. Don D. 

Jodie Stewart

My daughter finally loves going to a daycare the staff are amazing an my daughter is very happy to go no crying or anything Jodie Stewart

Sandy Rae

My two year old son Matthew Mackellar is so happy at EC junior the staff are supportive and very caring miss Kelly is a favorite among all the children and parents too she takes the time to get to know our child's routine at home so she can help us have a settled and happy transition from home to care my only disappointment is she can't be with my child for his entire education I love this center and the wonderful staff. 

118 Saltwater Creek Road


EC Junior Education